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Smart Strip Black Mastic Remover

Smart Strip Black Mastic Remover is an globeenvironmentally friendly and low-odor mastic remover with superior performance when it comes to removing all types of mastics, adhesives, pastes, and glues. Smart Strip Black Mastic Remover is a safe and eco-green mastic remover that contains a unique blend of surfactants which allows for low surface tension, making this formulation the most rinsible and residue-free mastic remover on the market today. Smart Strip Black Mastic Remover is considered to be one of the best and safest adhesive, glue, and paste removers, and it contains no hazardous citrus or chlorinated solvents. The environmentally-friendly and biodegradable Smart Strip Black Mastic Remover system covers approximately 125 square feet per gallon.


Removing mastics can be challenging because they are designed to be well-sealed and waterproof. However, using the heavy-duty Smart Strip Black Mastic Remover will make removing all types of mastics easy and effortless. Smart Strip Black Mastic Remover allows safe easy mastic removal from concrete, asphalt, and tiles.


Features and Benefits

  • This heavy-duty mastic remover is extremely effective at safely removing even the toughest mastics.
  • The environmentally-friendly formula contains no harsh chemicals, allowing safe and effective adhesive, glue, and paste removal
  • The water-based formulation is biodegradable and allows for easy removal of all types of mastics


Dumond® Chemicals created the industry’s first safe paint removal system to replace unsafe mechanical methods of removing paint. Since then, the company has become a premier manufacturer of environmentally-friendly solutions in the areas of Paint Removal, Graffiti Control Systems, Stone and Masonry Cleaning, Lead Abatement, and Lead Encapsulating Products. The company is a leader in paint removal systems for DIY, professional, marine, and industrial consumer industries worldwide, and it continues to develop safe and effective paint removal systems to work on a variety of surfaces. Contact Dumond® Chemicals today at 800-245-1191 for more information on environmentally friendly solutions for paint removal.

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Smart Strip Black Mastic SDS

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